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Sales Process

The sales process has changed significantly in recent years. Prospects are now much more informed about their options and the buying process than they used to be, so salespeople must adapt their approach accordingly.

This article focuses on the stages of the buyer’s journey that matter most to salespeople- Engagement, Consideration, Decision, and Advocacy. We must meet buyers wherever they are in this journey and not where we have traditionally started our own process.

Rick, a 10-year sales veteran, had major issues creating rapport during his sales calls.

Technology has changed the sales process, and in this podcast, you’ll learn how to use it to your advantage.

Kyle Jepson and Mike Montague, instructors in this course talk about why salespeople fail to connect in prospecting calls and how you can bring more relevance and credibility to your sales conversations.

Worried about experiencing supply chain constraints? Matthew Neuberger and Neil Agarwal discuss how a sole supplier model is only suitable in certain situations.

Have you been subjected to rapid pricing fluctuations? Matthew Neuberger and Neil Agarwal discuss how pricing gets magnified as product moves through the supply chain.

What do you do when a buyer or a prospective buyer says something aggressive or confrontational?

Is your pipeline full of "opportunities?" Matthew Neuberger explains how structuring the order of your pipeline can help prevent unqualified sales from cluttering your opportunity list.

The intensity of this time of year can make selling for a living feel a bit like the playoff season! Here’s three proven strategies you and your team can use to close more sales opportunities, set the right end-of-the-year game plan, and make the final “inning” of your team’s fiscal year pay off.