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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.

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Todd Gaebelein


Name:  Todd Gaebelein

What is your Favorite Quote: “Good is the enemy of great” Jim Colins

What are your top 4 Favorite TedTalks:
“How Great Leaders Inspire Action” Simon Sinek 2010
“The Power of Vulnerability” Brene Brown 2010
“Listening to Shame” Brene Brown 2012
“Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator” Tim Urban 2016

What do you enjoy doing when not working:
Scuba Diving
White Water Kayaking

What are the values that drive you?
Servant Leadership
Infinite mindset
Living wholeheartedly

What are your credential/past experience for working in your position?
13+ years of successful selling into the Military, Healthcare & Higher Education market segments while holding leadership positions

What are 3 Items still left on your bucket List?
Dive the Great Barrier Reef with my son
Heli Board
Learn to Hang Glide