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Sales Activity Tracking Software

Sales managers, do you know specifically what your sales people are doing everyday to meet their goals for the quarter or the year? Do you know how they are feeling?

What do you need to do today to hit your objective for the year? Ontrx measures just that and creates an easy system to help sales people hit their objectives and goals for the year!

View the overall progress of each person on the team

OnTrx Dashboard

Plan and track your business development goals all in one place:

  • Business Planning
  • Personal Goals
  • Professional Goals
  • Top Ten Targets
  • Activity/Behavior Targets

Every one of these categories offers different opportunities to track behavior, measure progress toward goals, and keep a dashboard of whether sales performance is on target. A manager dashboard allows for supervision and oversight of the sales staffs data if applicable.

Progress can be viewed at different time intervals including: one week, one month, ninety days, six months, or a year.

Each person is designated as a red, green, or yellow field, indicating positive or negative progress. Green is a positive indicator, meaning they are ahead of their objectives. Red indicates that the person is behind in their objectives. Yellow indicates they are right on track.

Within each person’s progress, there are statistics on that person’s activity and percentages of what they have completed compared to their goals!

Management Dashboard

Focus on Leading Indicators

Sales Activity

Most sales people focus on the past, or lagging indicators. Sales people are reactive but need to be proactive! Ontrx motivates people to be proactive and focus on leading indicators, or the future, verse lagging indicators. Most sales people do not know how to correctly manage their time, but Ontrx can fix that! It will also allow for sales people to budget correctly.

Sales Activity / Sales Results Tracking