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Mastery Course Schedule - Virtual


1/7/21 Post sell A-Z
1/14/21 BAT self-assessment
1/21/21 Emotional reactions to change
1/28/21 Proactive referrals
2/4/21 A healthy prospecting diet
2/11/21 Getting to no
2/18/21 Games people play
2/25/21 YTD progress check and goal review
3/4/21 You create your clients
3/11/21 Your gate process
3/18/21 Surefire ways to ruin rapport
3/25/21 Managing the steps between meetings
4/1/21 Getting to the truth through questioning
4/8/21 The practical pain funnel
4/15/21 Monkey's paws
4/22/21 Winning in "bid" scenarios
4/29/21 Rules of presentation
5/6/21 Trash removal
5/13/21 SNAP out of it
5/20/21 Time blocking and the weekly planner
5/27/21 Overcoming call reluctance
6/3/21 I don't need your approval
6/10/21 The psychology of persuasion
6/17/21 Goal mastery
6/24/21 Success conditioning
7/1/2021 Why Have a System: Matching Sandler to Your Sale
7/8/2021 Bonding and Rapport: DISC and VAK
7/15/2021 Upfront Contracts: UFC Elements PAATO and ANOT
7/22/2021 Questioning Strategies: Building Sales Reflexes
7/29/2021 Pain: The Three Layers of Pain
8/5/2021 Budget: Dealing with Money Issues
8/12/2021 Decision: Cast of Characters and Decision Timeline
8/19/2021 Closing the Sale: The Thermometer Close in Action
8/26/2021 Improving your BAT-ing Average: Core Values and Connection to Behavior
9/2/2021 Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone: Accountability
9/9/2021 Prospecting Planning: Cookbooks
9/16/2021 Prospecting Behavior: Crafting Your Message
9/23/2021 Negative Reverse: Pendulum Theory in Action
9/30/2021 Transactional Analysis: TA Self Assessment
10/7/2021 Setting Goals: Desire, Commitment and Outlook
10/14/2021 Formula for Success: Recovering from Rejection
10/21/2021 Why Have a System: System Check - Find the Leaks
10/28/2021 Bonding and Rapport: Prescence, Attitude and Edge
11/4/2021 Upfront Contracts: Dealing with Stalls and Objections
11/11/2021 Questioning Strategies: Decoding Questions
11/18/2021 Pain: How Do You Know You Have Enough Pain?
12/2/2021 Budget: Selling for More than the Competition
12/9/2021 Decision: The Psychological Baton of Power