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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD, Arizona, and Georgia

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Management & Leadership Program

Great Management and High-Performing Organizations

The Goal is Renovating Your Business

Successful companies have positive, healthy cultures where employees and managers feel included in company strategy, are well- trained, supported by their superiors, applauded for their success, and respected as an essential part of the team.

A High-Performing Optimizing Manager is someone who leverages their time and expands their reach by fostering optimal performance at all organizational levels. Our Method to doing this? By first creating an environment where company objectives, strategies, and policies are understood throughout the organization, and where training gaps have been identified and addressed at all levels.

Management Program

Program Logistics

  • 4 Full- Day Management Workshops
  • Private Portal with 25 Management Tools to Provide Managers with Easy Implementation for Highly Effective Strategies.
  • 8 One- Hour Interactive Coaching Calls

According to Gallup, " 70 % of employee engagement is affected by management and yet only 80 % have never received formal training."


With these changes, managers feel motivated, engaged and empowered to make the right decisions. Line-level employees are embraced, included and feel a part of the team. They’re then more likely to treat the company with the same care they treat their personal belongings.

The Outcome

In this environment, if these steps/methods have been executed fully and continually, a new and improved culture will thrive. Employees will identify more with the company than themselves.


When all of these transformational changes have taken place, the CEO can be confident all employees understand the company’s strategies, goals, and operational policies. Additionally, employees have been trained in areas where there were previously weaknesses and are sensitive to the needs of their inter-departmental coworkers. The team understands what is expected of them so they can anticipate and ensure that things will go right. Employees thus develop a vigilance to identify ways to improve the company and routinely bring ideas to their superior. At the end of the day, employees feel a part of a team and develop loyalty to company goals.

What are you doing to improve your team environment?

Take this management survey to uncover common problems that prevent leaders from leveraging their time to create an elite performing management team.

We'll contact you with resources to overcome these issues.

Integrator Training

A system is only as good as its integration.

Effective systems often fail at companies, not because they are unsuitable, but because the company fails to integrate the processes properly. Integrator training is designed to certify a member of your team that specializes in adopting and implementing our proven sales, leadership, and management programs so that you can consistently achieve their desired results.