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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD, Arizona, and Georgia

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Foundations Schedule - Virtual

Tuesdays - 7:30am-9:00am


March 17  Uncovering the Prospect’s Budget
March 24  Identifying the Prospect’s Decision Making Process
March 31   Closing the Sale (Fulfillment and Post-Sell)
April 7  Improving Your BAT-ing Average
April 14  Prospecting Behavior
April 21  Why Have a System
April 28  The Importance of Bonding & Building Rapport
May 5  Elements and Terms of an Up-Front Contract
May 12  Identifying Reasons for Doing Business (PAIN)
May 19  Questioning Strategies
May 26  Uncovering the Prospect’s Budget
June 2  Identifying the Prospect’s Decision Making Process
June 9   Closing the Sale (Fulfillment and Post-Sell)