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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD and Georgia

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Success Stories

Nate Hurd

Nate Hurd, The Oxford Company

“Since I started working with Neuberger and Company I’ve seen incredible changes happen. For starters, I’ve increased our sales production by over 600% from $3.5 M to close to $18M! The strategies and efficiencies that N&C helped me create was critical in this growth.”

Fran Settleman

Frank Settleman, President, Chesapeake Contracting Group

"Chesapeake Contracting Group is a 100 employee commercial general contractor in the Baltimore/DC/Northern Virginia market. We started working with Neuberger & Company in 2010. Since then we have developed several new key client relationships, dramatically increased our hit rate on projects we pursue, and boosted our client retention through disciplined application of Neuberger’s processes for business development, sales and organizational development. In 2016 we will finish the year with over 3 times the revenue we did in 2010 while doing more of the work that fits our sweet spot. With results like that, if you are committed to improving your business and aren’t our competition, I and the entire Chesapeake Contracting Group leadership team strongly recommend that you partner with Neuberger & Company."

Justin Dillon

Justin Dillon, Kaiser Dillon

"I never in a million years thought I would need or want sales training. I’m a lawyer—lawyers don’t do sales training! Then our firm hired Neuberger & Co., and I was happy to be proven wrong. What they do isn’t sales training in the way that most people think of sales training. It’s not fake. It’s not glad-handing and back-slapping. It’s all about a sincere effort to connect with the person who’s come to you for help and figure out if you can help them—or if you can’t so that they can find someone who can. Their advice was spot-on, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Neuberger & Co. highly enough."


Dean Boomer, General Manager of Ductz Southeast Michigan

"Neuberger & Company has helped take our business to new heights. The Neuberger sales system combined with simple goal setting has helped to keep us focused on sales. I personally have expanded into business training with Neuberger and have learned many techniques that I use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Neuberger & Company for anyone committed to taking their business to a higher level."


Michelle (Mickie) Rzepka Knous, Director of Partner & Sponsor Development at USA Bobsled & Skeleton, Olympian

"The in-person workshop was worth the trip and time commitment. The seminar was not only informational but it was FUN! Having an opportunity to connect with other companies/businesses to learn from their successes and struggles was unique. Neuberger & Company’s employees, each unique, but together that make up a Dream Team. Having the opportunity to be a student and learn from each of Neuberger & Company’s best made the workshop diverse and entertaining. Team USA Bobsled does not settle for mediocracy. We want the BEST and the BEST is Neuberger & Company."

Andrew Undem

Andrew Undem, Owner and Realtor of SURE Group

“Neuberger is the best of the best. It has been worth 10x the investment for my company and me.”