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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD and Arizona

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Matthew Neuberger

Rick, a 10-year sales veteran, had major issues creating rapport during his sales calls.

Worried about experiencing supply chain constraints? Matthew Neuberger and Neil Agarwal discuss how a sole supplier model is only suitable in certain situations.

Have you been subjected to rapid pricing fluctuations? Matthew Neuberger and Neil Agarwal discuss how pricing gets magnified as product moves through the supply chain.

What do you do when a buyer or a prospective buyer says something aggressive or confrontational?

Is your pipeline full of "opportunities?" Matthew Neuberger explains how structuring the order of your pipeline can help prevent unqualified sales from cluttering your opportunity list.

Struggling to meet demand for your construction services? Matthew Neuberger and Heather Stegner discuss how market conditions have created increased demand since the pandemic.

Feeling like it's not okay to reach out to prospects? Matthew Neuberger explains how being honest about that feeling can actually help you connect.

Do you encounter a lot of misconceptions about working in construction? Matthew Neuberger and Neil Agarwal discuss the many benefits of working in construction that are often overlooked.

Learning to embrace failure has to be one of the toughest lessons in sales. It seems counterintuitive to a lot of people.

Why have a selling system? Matthew Neuberger explains that systems are the only way to define processes and generate consistent results.