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Matthew Neuberger

As sales professionals, it’s our job to determine our prospective buyer’s pain. How? By asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way. When we do this, our closing ratios improve. When we don’t, those same ratios get worse.

People will always make an attempt to get the lowest price but it's unlikely to be the primary driver of who is awarded the project.

Imagine you’re deep into the sales cycle, having engaged in what seemed like promising discussions with a prospect. You've crafted an impressive presentation, received positive feedback, and then, upon revealing the price, the prospect's enthusiasm vanishes. The deal goes cold. Why?

Matthew Neuberger and James Abraham discuss how Tel Aviv is working with developers to build upward to conserve space and modernize structures.

Not all buyers have the same priorities … but sometimes we make the mistake of imagining they do. The buyer’s journey has certain discrete stages. It’s our responsibility as sales professionals to understand these stages, identify the priorities that connect to each stage, and then adapt to those priorities. 

As salespeople, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy when it comes to communicating or interacting with buyers.

Below is Sandler’s famous Success Triangle. The triangle's three corners can drive our ascent to our fullest and highest potential in sales and life.

Squeezing partners for profit is short-term thinking that creates a mountain of long-term problems.

Key customer accounts are like vast fields of dark, rich, fertile soil.  Your selling and serving teams have the seeds of growth in hand. But to grow or even retain important accounts, you have to deliver success on the customer’s terms.

Matthew Neuberger and James Abraham discuss how even high demand does not completely eliminate the cooling effect of rising interest rates.