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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

As a manager and a seller for 25 years, I have been through my share of sales training. Everything from the Tony Robbins/Zig Zigler types, to specific industry specific training. Our sales team has also been through similar trainings and there was a clear consensus that the Sandler training was very effective. We liked how practical it was. We weren't being trained how to trick someone in to buying something with the latest and greatest sales techniques, but instead how to identify real client challenges and determine (along with the client) solutions that everyone felt good about. Neuberger takes the sales process and breaks it down into a process that everyone can matter what they sell. Each of our sellers gravitated towards different elements of the training...which works well since they all have different selling styles. We started out with Neuberger by sending 4 of our newest sellers through the training, and by years end, we make the investment to make sure all 16 sellers and all 4 managers in our department got trained. We plan on making Sandler training a part of the training all new sellers receive.

Matt Mills, WTOP Marketing Solutions

Chesapeake Contracting Group is a 100 employee commercial general contractor in the Baltimore/DC/Northern Virginia market. We started working with Neuberger & Company in 2010. Since then we have developed several new key client relationships, dramatically increased our hit rate on projects we pursue, and boosted our client retention through disciplined application of Neuberger's processes for business development, sales and organizational development. In 2016 we will finish the year with over 3 times the revenue we did in 2010 while doing more of the work that fits our sweet spot. With results like that, if you are committed to improving your business and aren't our competition, I and the entire Chesapeake Contracting Group leadership team strongly recommend that you partner with Neuberger & Company.

Frank Settleman, President of Chesapeake Contracting Group

Debbie Lafferty

Regional Vice President of Sales

"I just wanted to thank you for all your coaching on the with a major university...especially on the Up Front Contract. We were selected as broker/consultant from a pool of 11 firms who proposed services about a week or so ago. There was significant competition but despite this we were able to make it to the final four and then selected. This is significant client in the Baltimore market and a great win for our PSA team and firm. I did want to let you know about this news and thank you for your help. This win (and process) has certainly increased my confidence personally and believe it will take me to another level professionally. I'm looking forward to great year of even more production.

Lynn Argenbright, PSA Insurance & Financial Services

Vlad Friedman


"We have been working with the Neuberger team for some time now and continue to be very pleased with the results. Instead of simply "managing people", their group has taken a leadership role and created an infrastructure and sales system highly customized to our business, using Sandler methodologies and aligned with our vision and values.

The delivered system is scalable, repeatable and consistently yields the expected results. After meeting the entire team, it is a pleasure to see each member maintains high levels of integrity and accountability in every relationship and interaction."

"I have worked with Sandler Training on and off through the years and, while I have always found the material to be helpful for my staff, it never went further than sales training. I made the decision to fully commit to a comprehensive consulting and training program with Neuberger & Company 12 months ago and it has changed my business. In 2010, my revenue increased by over 20% compared to 2009 and our staff closing ratios have increased by more than 15% across the board. I am now confident about the direction of my business even in a difficult economic environment. The first quarter of 2011 marks our best financial start in my 40 plus years of business. Thank you.

Jim Boyd

Neuberger is one of my most trusted partners. I have worked with them for over 12 years and consider them to be best-in-class. Neuberger helped transition my previous organization from an operationally-driven company to a sales-driven company, and they helped us add millions of dollars of new business as a result. I couldn't give a higher testament.

Derek Dabbs, Regional President of Accelerent

Eric Shatzer



Since I started working with Neuberger and Company I've seen incredible changes happen. For starters, I've increased our sales production by over 600% from $3.5 M to close to $18M! The strategies and efficiencies that N&C helped me create was critical in this growth.

Nate Hurd, Chief Growth Officer of Oxford Club

"Foulger Pratt has partnered with Neuberger and Company for the past three years. During this time, we have engaged Matt and Chad to provide a variety of planning and training on topics such as; leadership, communication, and organization. In addition, we have employed Chad to facilitate our formal team partnering process on many of our important projects. Neuberger and Company has always delivered. Both Matt and Chad bring energy, clarity, and breakthrough leadership advice. Best of all, our entire team looks forward to having Neuberger and Company involved, as their communication styles resonate with everyone. We look forward to a continue relationship with Neuberger and Company and the success it brings to our culture and continued improvement."

David B. Uffelman, Previous President, Construction

Steve Walman

Executive Vice President of Sales

We have taken a firm of 14 doing mediocre work to a firm of 36 doing superb work in just 4 years. It is exciting to think what the team and company will do over the next 30 years. I know Neuberger & Co. will help the next generation to be a success.

Robert Lyon, Walden Studio Architects

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