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Neuberger and Company, Inc. | Baltimore, MD and Georgia

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Mike Martinec

Products Support Inc.

Sasha Serpa

Vice President of Sales - Quality Air Services

Katie Meeks

Goeal Vision.

Debbie Jones


Steve Yelland

CEO, JFR Holdings

Neil Agarwal

Executive Vice President, G.E. Frisco

Nicole Ashton

Ashton Pools By Design

Scotty McLaughlin

Timberlake and Dixon

Debbie Lafferty, MyOffice Products

Regional Vice President of Sales

Vlad Friedman, Edge Web Hosting


Eric Shatzer, Hawkins Electrical Construction


Steve Walman, Tricerat

Executive Vice President of Sales

Financial Services

Robert Lyon, Walden Studio Architects

"We have taken a firm of 14 doing mediocre work to a firm of 36 doing superb work in just 4 years. It is exciting to think what the team and company will do over the next 30 years. I know Neuberger & Co. will help the next generation to be a success."

Derek Dabbs, Regional President of Accelerent

"Neuberger is one of my most trusted partners. I have worked with them for over 12 years and consider them to be best-in-class. Neuberger helped transition my previous organization from an operationally-driven company to a sales-driven company, and they helped us add millions of dollars of new business as a result. I couldn't give a higher testament."

Nate Hurd, Chief Growth Officer of Oxford Club

"Since I started working with Neuberger and Company I've seen incredible changes happen. For starters, I've increased our sales production by over 600% from $3.5 M to close to $18M! The strategies and efficiencies that N&C helped me create was critical in this growth."

David B. Uffelman, Previous President, Construction

"Foulger Pratt has partnered with Neuberger and Company for the past three years. During this time, we have engaged Matt and Chad to provide a variety of planning and training on topics such as; leadership, communication, and organization. In addition, we have employed Chad to facilitate our formal team partnering process on many of our important projects. Neuberger and Company has always delivered. Both Matt and Chad bring energy, clarity, and breakthrough leadership advice. Best of all, our entire team looks forward to having Neuberger and Company involved, as their communication styles resonate with everyone. We look forward to a continue relationship with Neuberger and Company and the success it brings to our culture and continued improvement."

Jim Boyd

"I have worked with Sandler Training on and off through the years and, while I have always found the material to be helpful for my staff, it never went further than sales training. I made the decision to fully commit to a comprehensive consulting and training program with Neuberger & Company 12 months ago and it has changed my business. In 2010, my revenue increased by over 20% compared to 2009 and our staff closing ratios have increased by more than 15% across the board. I am now confident about the direction of my business even in a difficult economic environment. The first quarter of 2011 marks our best financial start in my 40 plus years of business. Thank you."

Frank Settleman, President of Chesapeake Contracting Group

"Chesapeake Contracting Group is a 100 employee commercial general contractor in the Baltimore/DC/Northern Virginia market. We started working with Neuberger & Company in 2010. Since then we have developed several new key client relationships, dramatically increased our hit rate on projects we pursue, and boosted our client retention through disciplined application of Neuberger's processes for business development, sales and organizational development. In 2016 we will finish the year with over 3 times the revenue we did in 2010 while doing more of the work that fits our sweet spot. With results like that, if you are committed to improving your business and aren't our competition, I and the entire Chesapeake Contracting Group leadership team strongly recommend that you partner with Neuberger & Company."

Matt Mills, WTOP Marketing Solutions

"As a manager and a seller for 25 years, I have been through my share of sales training. Everything from the Tony Robbins/Zig Zigler types, to specific industry specific training. Our sales team has also been through similar trainings and there was a clear consensus that the Sandler training was very effective. We liked how practical it was. We weren't being trained how to trick someone in to buying something with the latest and greatest sales techniques, but instead how to identify real client challenges and determine (along with the client) solutions that everyone felt good about. Neuberger takes the sales process and breaks it down into a process that everyone can matter what they sell. Each of our sellers gravitated towards different elements of the training...which works well since they all have different selling styles. We started out with Neuberger by sending 4 of our newest sellers through the training, and by years end, we make the investment to make sure all 16 sellers and all 4 managers in our department got trained. We plan on making Sandler training a part of the training all new sellers receive."

Vlad Friedman, CEO, Edge Web Hosting

"We have been working with the Neuberger team for some time now and continue to be very pleased with the results. Instead of simply "managing people", their group has taken a leadership role and created an infrastructure and sales system highly customized to our business, using Sandler methodologies and aligned with our vision and values.

The delivered system is scalable, repeatable and consistently yields the expected results. After meeting the entire team, it is a pleasure to see each member maintains high levels of integrity and accountability in every relationship and interaction."

Lisa Tenley, Director of Corporate and Community Development, Forrester Construction

"I don't know how Neuberger & Co. does it but they make Zoom trainings engaging and meaningful! They didn't let COVID stop them from continuing best in class work and instead of making that an excuse for delivering something less than their usual high quality, they upped their game!"

Matt M.

"I closed one large capital project that I have been working on since last year using the Sandler Sales process. It went from stalled to $100,000 sale!"

Brittany B.

"Thank you for the sales strategies and tactics! I beat my sales goal this quarter by 35K."


Andrew G.

"Closed a $20k+ deal with a client who had told two of our other reps that they wanted to wait on making any purchases. Following your customer care process I helped them to understand overall costs and shared with them one of 3 things will happen:

1. We will be able to support/replace some machines and save them money.
2. We can help them consolidate machines and save them money.
3. The savings are not significant and it's not worth pursuing.

After the assessment, it turns out, financially speaking, that it didn't make sense for them to move forward. The President actually told me that he appreciated us doing our due diligence but also being respectful of their time and telling them it wasn't worth it. That led to a conversation about an impending location move and I closed the sale for machine upgrades to avoid move costs. Thanks for helping me honestly uncover opportunities even when they aren't obvious."

Mark B.

"Thanks to the process I learned with Neuberger & Co., I turned a budget request into a negotiated $2.5MM project.

Previously these requests often went nowhere or at least would take an extended period of time before closing a project."

Grant K.

"I followed your coaching and used a negative reverse on a prospect that was trying to focus on price. After stating that I felt he'll just go with the lowest bid, he explained that's not necessarily the case. I was then able to have an honest discussion about their problems and we closed the deal that day."

Matt M.

"I closed on a large capital project that I have been working on since last year. It seemed stalled but thanks to your coaching, I landed the $100,000 deal."

Brittany B.

"Thanks to the Sandler process, I beat my sales goal by 35K."

Nick N.

"The prospecting sessions was outstanding. I closed 2 out of 2 leads using Sandler method this week and found the conversation much easier to navigate and more impactful."

Mark B.

"Your process works. Previously I just provided budget quotes that often disappeared or at least required time-consuming follow up. I just turned a budget request into a sales call and negotiated a $2.5MM project."

Dwayne N.

"I used several Sandler techniques to navigate a negotiation where the client wanted to buy from us but wanted price concessions. We were able to win the award with minimal discounting by refocusing on the problems they needed solved and how our solutions could alleviate their pain."

Brittany B.

"I was at a big $0 the first 2 weeks of the month. Then after your trainning session, all of a sudden I started closing deals. Ended with my second best month ever at $120K."


Nick N.

"Sold a $9.5k job using Sandler methods. That's the most profitable deal I've ever closed and I'm finding a generally higher success rate using Sandler method especially pain review, negative reverse questioning, and budget inquiry."


Rachel N.

"A $21,000 job that I didn't expect to land is pending close. Your process of asking budget questions helped get us to a place of discovering whether this was even a viable opportunity for the current year in the first place."

Grant K.

"I've had more success having conversations using the up front contract. Closed two deals in the last two months with this process - one for $1k and one for $5.5k Two more in the pipeline look very likely to close in the next month."


Dwayne N.

"I was able to keep our company in the running for a nice project by securing the opportunity for post-bid discussion. We were the high bidder, but we're still the front runner based on the relationship development process you prescribed."


Calvin F.

"Closed a $10k deal with Law Office. That's not even a prospect I would have considered approaching before learning the Sandler process from Neuberger & Co."

Nick N.

"I closed an $11K deal yesterday using Sandler techniques. In fact, my closing ratio is consistently higher since beginning your training program."

Anthony H.

"Following your suggestion, I'm giving prospects different options that will benefit them. I was able to get the whole pain funnel from a property manager and that led to me providing more profitable options than I would have otherwise considered."

Rachel N.

"I received the PO and closed the deal for $21,000 the same week.

The rapport/budget conversations were crucial here and uncovering that COVID actually resulted in a surplus in the client's budget helped to get them to move on this project. The rapport/confidence is what made the facilities manager push to just get the work approved without having to bid the project out. Typically anything over $15k would need to get bid out. Asking all these questions helped position us to close the sale without competing."

Lisa V.

"Based on your suggestion, I'm thinking from the customer's POV. I've changed how I submit candidates to highlight where candidates fit need. My interview ratio has gone up significantly and am finding more success in placements."

Tanya B.

"Your idea of setting up a relationship discovery meeting paid off! The interior designer is going to recommend us to be added to the bid list for a renovation project that could potentially be $500k+."

Rachel N.

"I re-engaged with a client who ghosted after you identified that they were "going negative". I've got a meeting set to review the contract on their property in the next month."


Grant K.

"As you know I was nervous about new goals being set and my ability to reach the higher targets. I'm proud to tell you that the strategies you've provided helped me not only meet but exceed the new business quota for the month."

Brett H.

"Working with Neuberger & Co. has provided immense value to our team and our sales process. We are able to identify real opportunities in a shorter period of time and focus our efforts on bringing business in the door.

They have also trained us in getting the client focused on getting us to yes and avoiding the churn that can come with some companies as they struggle with their own internal processes."

Phil H.

"I secured a $13k annual contract by focusing on pain with incumbent vendor and leveraging the relationship with new property manager who was willing to make a recommendation to the board. Its a far cry from the bid and pray system I used before your training!"

Grant K.

"My prospecting draught is over thanks to you! I scheduled two new prospect meetings for next week and both are projected to be between $2k and $5k each."


Jacob M.

"You know how skeptical I was about some of your prospecting suggestions. But I just closed a deal using the 9 word email you provided. Thank you for being persistent in having me give it a try."

Chris D.

"The 'Everything okay?' email, netted a $10K deal with potential for much more."

Brady R.

"I had a great meeting with a new potential prospect where I set expectations and uncovered some important pain points that helped me build credibility and suggest a solution. You've helped me lay the foundation for a lot of business to come out of this down the road."


Katy S.

"Wow! I scheduled a meeting with a customer that has been unresponsive for 9 months. I wasted tons of time following up with no result. The content in the email you suggested got a response within hours."

Mark B.

"I avoided doing a free proposal request that would have cost us about $10k to produce by implementing your questioning strategies. Instead I got more information about the project and reserved the ability to bid the project when it is ready for execution."

Jon H.

"We are sold out for July and August. Thanks to your sales processes, we have sold more hours than we have the capacity to perform."

Joe M.

"Closed a deal on my terms after I offered to walk away from becoming partners if we couldn't be aligned in pricing. As you said, taking it away allows them to reevaluate the value of our services."

Brady R.

"The prospecting process works! I got 3 new reqs from a new client that I've been trying to get into for the past few months. Landing all three will net roughly $85,000."

Alexander M.

"I closed a $33,610 sale in record time! I was able to set expectations to figure out how to quickly navigate the decision making process and got a timeline up front for implementing my solution. That led to me being able to bring it up when the deal stalled, to spur action and get a closed deal."

Andrew G.

"We've seen over a 300% increase in new business this quarter. As of today we're already at 101% of annual revenue and over 200% of projected new business."

Steve L.

"I closed a deal without negotiating on price. The GC called me to see if I had any wiggle room. I knew we were one of the last men standing but used your questioning strategies to understand the request. Once I determined that it was a price concession without cause I said no I cannot and that I think it would only hurt the project if we tried to cut corners. He was quiet, thought about it, and said alright let me review and I'll get back to you. An hour later I had an e-mail release for my total value."

Nick N.

"I pattern interrupted a potential client who wanted to do a 'bare minimum' scope of work but based on the new approach they ended up agreeing on a more comprehensive approach."

Kevin M.

"As of last Thursday, I have closed up my biggest month ever. Couldn't have done it without your systems and guidance."


Lawrence F.

"I closed a $482K deal using the Sandler Communication Cadences and the Submarine Process. I've never had a deal this large go this smoothly. Thank you!"

Andrew Z.

"Your account management process works wonders. I kept the prescribed cadence with a client and we agreed upon times to consistently go over upcoming projects scope/price. They proactively brought a project to me in one of those calls and we just closed it. Never would have even known about it otherwise!"

Nick N.

"Thank you for the guidance on embracing our differences and who we are in the marketplace. I've consistently begun mentioning that we are a premier company and usually not the cheapest price early in the sales process. It's eliminated a lot of stalls and objections and has been helpful in earning business by honestly laying things out from the start."

Steve L.

"Your training has given me the confidence to hold my ground. I was recently asked for a discount that seemed arbitrary to me. I followed the process of asking for clarifying questions. After reviewing the reasons for doing business, I told them I couldn't adjust pricing and they still bought at the $47k rate."

Grant K.

"Your account management process is really paying off. I recently revived two deals that I thought were lost - one for $10k in existing business and one for $6.5k in new business."

Josh F.

"Always scheduling a next step has been a revelation in my sales process. This simple habit keeps the ball moving in the right direction and I don't really experience stalled deals in the pipeline any longer."

Lawrence F.

"I closed a half million dollar job by finding the 'ballpark' budget based off of a competitor number. I actually revised the scope to match their needs and was awarded the contract. Not only would I have bid lower without your help, I probably would have lost the client because the scope was inaccurate."

Nicole N.

"I finished this quarter at 155% of quota. Just wanted to send a thank you, I've never accomplished that before your training."

"I just wanted to let you know how beneficial your advice combined with the sales trainings Greg has attended has been. We are at the highest retention our chapter has ever seen and we plan to be at 95 percent retention by the end of the year. Greg is consistently pulling in new contractor members every month and upped his game since I sent him to the conference and sales training 201. Last month he brought in 5 new members, and this month he brought in 3 high level contractor members, one of them a level 12 we have been working on for years. 😊 I am so proud and happy for him, his confidence has skyrocketed and we are seeing the results."

Andrew Z.

"We had a meeting with a potential buyer who was asking us to give a 'proposal'. As you suggested, it was really asking for free consulting. We went through all their pain points and instead of doing the free consulting, we were able to negotiate that the project wouldn't be bid out if we moved forward with a design build that provided our expertise."

Bryan M.

"I currently have 3 bids on my desk that I've been using the Sandler process to develop. We are in a sole source bidding position on one, and we are the design consultant on another. I have a LOT more information about the projects because I have stuck to the Sandler process. No way would I be positioned this well without your help."

Steve L.

"I can't believe it but using your process in a competitive bid environment actually enabled me to find out that a competitor was $30,000 less than me. Based on your training, I didn't even think about price concessions but went right into clarifying questions. There was such a discrepancy in the pricing that talking through it created enough concern that they are having the competitor do a scope review. I'm waiting on the email but its sounding likely that the competitor was not going to really meet the scope and try to add on costs after closing the sale."

Lawrence F.

"My overall close rate in last 3 months has risen in both project value and project quantity."

Jon C.

"I closed a $6,500 deal for a new customer this week. The Sandler process delivered from start to finish! I initially used the no pressure call approach to get in the door and used several other techniques throughout to keep the deal moving forward."

Kevin M.

"I did as you suggested and set up time blocking prospecting hours. In the first week, I was able to source two new leads, one of which will close next week."

Brian G.

"I just sold my largest project to date! We closed a job for $70k as a part of a larger $275k package. I followed through Sandler steps and got an early commitment from the customer contingent on meeting budget needs. We were able to quickly turn around a competitive proposal and we were signed off within a week."

Kelly G.

"I had a scope review for a $61K deal with a GC. I was able to review pain and recommit them to moving forward as planned using the Sandler method."

Barry M.

"Recently closed another small deal sticking tight to the Sandler process. It was a smaller opportunity but following the process really helped me to efficiently close the deal and understand the customer needs."

Linda F.

"I closed out the fiscal year above my sales goal! I was off pace mid-year, but the late push with Sandler techniques on the last 90 days or so more than made up for the gap."

Scott M.

"The SEARCH model has proven to be a highly effective tool for evaluating both existing team members as well as prospective new hires. Using it, we have effectively identified and hired six employees in the last 18 months. Additionally, we have used it to objectively identify at least one employee that is not in the right position and moved to a more suitable role."

Corey S.

"Sandler has helped me develop into a more effective manager. The result is more salespeople closing more deals. Specifically, one of our new sales reps landed his first sale on day two for $7K. It was small, but he was excited, and it's an excellent opportunity for me to continue using Sandler's training to walk him through our processes and procedures effectively."

Gary K.

"I closed four deals this week! Asking questions about pain with current situations results in more actionable sales calls and helps to close the deals more quickly."

Alexandra S.

"I recently met with a referral and included a pattern interrupt at the beginning of the meeting, saying that although we were a good fit for their referrer, that doesn't mean we're automatically a good fit for them. I asked the prospect to be candid with me at any point about their feelings regarding that. They said they appreciated that and seemed more relaxed afterward. They hired me at the end of the meeting."

Stan L.

"I just got the final sign-off on the Design-Build that you helped me navigate. The contract came in just under $500K. Thanks for your help. We took this from a request for a competitive bid to one of my largest deals sold!"

Kevin M.

"I am closing a big deal this week for about $6M. Without your processes and coaching, I never would have imagined setting my sights on something of this size."

Brittany B.

"I sold $62K in the first week of this month. Last month my total was only $67K. Your process has significantly reduced my sales cycle, and I've got two huge jobs that look likely to close in the next couple of weeks."

Diane D.

"I used the pain funnel you taught me to close an $11K deal. Having delved further into their struggles uncovered additional future pains, and we're already discussing a possible upsell."

Andrew S.

"Your sales system makes life much easier. I closed a $50K service agreement using the Sandler process from start to finish. I set a consistent call cadence, built rapport, found pain points, and kept asking questions. The presentation felt like a formality. They were closed well before I presented."

Karl M.

"I had one of the best sales day from a volume ever yesterday. Six total deals. Fairly small wins, but the consistency of the Sandler system is impressive."

Nick N.

"Your systematic process seems to keep generating new levels of sales success. I just had my highest sales day - $37k in 1 day!"

Tony M.

"I tended to talk too much about my services and our industry because I knew it well, and it was a comfortable topic. But your training illustrated that I must let customers talk more, listen, and ask simple questions to understand their pain. So instead of trying to share my expertise, my sales calls are now focused on solving buyers' problems."

Malia R.

"Neuberger & Co., I'm in your debt. I was unsettled after the session on closing and confirming a sale. I had 'closed' 2 deals for $80k the prior week but felt they might be at risk of falling through. I spent some time with the client and found they still had uncertainty. As advised, I discussed my biggest fears with moving forward, which opened up a shared dialogue on anxiety with the next steps. Those deals are now truly closed."

Farin K.

"I have to tell you I'm a bit shocked. I started using the reversing techniques from class and, within 2 hours, had a $5k signed deal. It's a small start, but the time and effort this saved me will help me grow exponentially. I'm excited to see the success to come!"

Rudy S.

"I have always struggled with discussing money while selling. I can't thank you enough for the coaching and encouragement to change my mindset. As a result, my deals are gradually increasing, and I've already closed my most recent sales at a 20% increase over past agreements."

Tony F.

"Your training on matching my buyer was timely. I closed a $200K deal by leveraging body language and tonality with a dominant engineer. Had I not been conscious of his communication style, I'm confident that he and I would have come into conflict and not been able to do business together."

Ted M.

"You've helped me refine my sales process. I used pattern interrupt to get a meeting with a client who I had been trying to get with for weeks."

Ryan T.

"During my first training class, we discussed being ghosted by a customer. Mark recommended sending an email with particular subject lines and body copy. I used it right after the training with a customer that seemed to be hiding from me. Within minutes of sending that email, I was contacted with an update on the final decision timelines for a proposal I provided. I love that your training isn't just conceptual but has real-world tactics that work!"

Kevins Emilcar

"NCO helped me become a better sales professional! You can't go wrong with Sandler."

Jeb B.

"Using the up-front-contract has helped set client expectations. I've set up client partnerships that include clear communication on intended outcomes. Seems to be a win-win, and I've already been introduced to good decision-making prospects."

Daniel Reis

"The Sandler sales system is really powerful and full of insights. The Neuberger team combines theory, presentation, and the participant's real-life experiences to get these techniques through and help us apply them in our everyday work."

Dan R.

"The Sandler system really changed me a lot, especially because I don't have a sales background and have always struggled with that side of business. So thank you for providing a process and the skills to execute on the plan!"

Ken R.

"I closed almost $10,000 in sales this week from sending out re-engagement emails using Sandler standards. Taking my time to listen more than talk allowed me to identify opportunities and discover ways of helping."

Andrea Z.

"I just closed a $5k deal in record time! Your process provides clear and efficient communications and re-confirming the client's expectations regarding the site work locations and project outcomes before sending a proposal. It's saving me a ton of time, and I'm closing deals for as much or more."

John M.

"Your training is making my life easier. 'Going negative' successfully revived a ghosted client and brought them back for a demo. The techniques and insights provided were invaluable in re-engaging the client and ultimately closing the deal."

Austin H.

"I implemented your suggestion to be cognizant of my tone and body language on calls even though prospects/clients can't see me because those things are still conveyed via my voice. I closed two sales this week, driving me past my $50K per month target!"

Kelly G.

"As you've outlined, setting expectations with prospects is really moving my sales process forward. My last meeting started with setting clear expectations, leading to clear answers, and I closed a $25,000 direct deal!"

Andre P.

"I've been working on keeping a positive attitude through prospecting. I closed a deal today for $4600/MRR by asking the right questions and establishing ground rules. With results like that, staying positive will be much easier!"

Scott W.

"Your training has helped me stop playing games in my sales process. I was disarmingly honest with a buyer on what to expect with campaign performance and pricing. I closed a $30K deal on the first call."

Hiten B.

"My prospecting has come a long way with your guidance. I was able to uncover some potential prospects and get referrals that are an even better fit than the referring client."

Dan A.

"Your sales coaching is opening up a lot of doors. I got four referrals from current clients last week that would not have been on my radar without your guidance."

Ryan S.

"The class on identifying decision-makers was an eye-opener. I just closed a $30K job with a 'D' personality engineer that has often gone terribly for me in the past. Instead of feeling bullied, I observed his communication style and adjusted my style to have a productive sales call."

Danielle W.

"Your process for qualifying an opportunity and working toward a proposal is a revelation. I now work with clients throughout the sales process to develop a proposal. Getting ongoing confirmations for the final presentation keeps them engaged, moves through the process quicker, and deals with red flags before any presentation is delivered!"

Audrey P.

"Your assistance in helping me identify my sales team's productive behavior has been eye-opening.  It's only the first week and it helped us close two new account!"

Cort T.

"Your support has been instrumental in overcoming my longstanding challenge of generating new business. Your guidance and techniques have empowered me to commit to prospecting activities fully, significantly boosting my pipeline. I have successfully added $200k in potential business to my pipeline. Thank you for your invaluable assistance in enhancing my business success."

Kathy G.

"Last week, thanks to the buyer-focused conversation training provided by Sandler by Neuberger & Co, we successfully sold $16,000 worth of our new valuation services. This achievement highlights our commitment to understanding and meeting our clients' needs. It's great to be part of a team that prioritizes client satisfaction and continually strives for success."

Brandon L.

"I cannot recommend Neuberger & Co.'s sales training highly enough! Thanks to their invaluable insights and strategies, I secured a $20k deal despite initial hesitation from the buyer due to pricing. I confidently stood my ground, knowing my worth and understanding the scope of work involved. With a positive attitude and adherence to your sales process, I successfully negotiated a deal that reflected my value and ensured no compromise on unpaid consulting. Neuberger & Co. equips you with the tools and mindset to excel in sales negotiations and achieve outstanding results."

Colin L.

"Thanks to the training I received from Sandler by Neuberger & Co., I successfully closed a $3000 sponsorship this week utilizing upfront contracts. Learning to set expectations effectively has transformed my approach, empowering me to take control of conversations by starting with questions rather than a sales pitch."

Andrew P.

"Thanks, Sandler by Neuberger & Co., for the emphasis on navigating the pain funnel effectively. It compelled me to push myself further, ensuring every step was meticulously followed with a past client. Because of your methods, I've recaptured that account, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I feared!"

As a manager and a seller for 25 years, I have been through my share of sales training. Everything from the Tony Robbins/Zig Zigler types, to specific industry specific training. Our sales team has also been through similar trainings and there was a clear consensus that the Sandler training was very effective. We liked how practical it was. We weren't being trained how to trick someone in to buying something with the latest and greatest sales techniques, but instead how to identify real client challenges and determine (along with the client) solutions that everyone felt good about. Neuberger takes the sales process and breaks it down into a process that everyone can matter what they sell. Each of our sellers gravitated towards different elements of the training...which works well since they all have different selling styles. We started out with Neuberger by sending 4 of our newest sellers through the training, and by years end, we make the investment to make sure all 16 sellers and all 4 managers in our department got trained. We plan on making Sandler training a part of the training all new sellers receive.

Matt Mills, WTOP Marketing Solutions

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